Commercial Construction

Everyone knows that delays in construction costs money. Some we can’t do anything about, however when it comes to placing fill quickly and efficiently, that is where we can help you. When a project or jobsite gets “tweaked”, it can end up causing costly delays and a change in scheduling. Even a  “slight” change in plans can cause big delays. A lot of times it involves limiting access to areas that aren’t quite ready to be finished. This can cause a stoppage of work later in order to get material to an area that is no longer accessible by conventional machinery. Sometimes you have to delay other aspects of the project so that you can leave an area open for material to be placed later. With Agri-Blowers Express we have the ability to place material through the use of 4″ or 5″ hoses. What does this mean for you? Small access to place a LARGE amount of material quickly and efficiently.


Backfill – Infill Services

Whether you have an old pool, low area that you need brought up, retaining wall that you need back filled, seawall that you just put in, or need to have material placed and spread in areas where you want to avoid damage to landscaping and terrain or where conventional machinery just won’t do the trick. Agri-Blowers Express can reach outwards of 350’ to place the material directly where it is needed without running machinery over your lawn. Not only do we not damage landscaping, we also can place material at volumes that can save you time and money. Give us a call and see how we can help you place or spread material without you breaking a sweat or your pocketbook.

Some of our past projects

Detroit Public School: infill large indoor pool w/o removing doors and walls. Moved over 750 cubic yards of material in just 2 days.

Carmel, Indiana: backfill large office complex. Limited staging access, backfill in lifts to allow other subs to continue their work

Ada, Michigan: backfill indoor pool without damaging lawn or removing doors or walls.

Cascade, Michigan: backfill retaining wall, no access for machinery, icy conditions, steep slope.

Grand Rapids, Michigan: backfill a series of retaining walls with drainage material without damaging walls, lawn.